Nordea Concept UI

Graphic Design, Branding, UI

Nordea is the biggest financial group in the Nordic region.

As a customer of this bank, and daily user of their mobile banking app, I thought I would start a personal project, by giving their former app a little facelift.

Minimalism, round corners and gradients, these are just 3 words the app can be described as. The minimalism makes sure the app doesn't feel too overwhelming or too "crowded" with information. The round corners gives a feeling of kindness, in contrast to sharp corners, and gradients gives an opportunity for use of two different colors - a light blue, and Nordea's dark blue color. Once again, a feeling of kindness, in contrast to only a harsh dark blue color.

Please notice, that I am not part of Nordea, nor have they been involved in this project. This is a personal project of my own. 

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Used software:

Adobe Photoshop CC


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